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Responsible Re-Opening

Responsible re-opening for a business requires a plan of action. Develop a plan that's personalized to your organization, and use the information in your marketing efforts to show your customers you are serious about their safety. By respecting social distancing, creating a cleaning schedule, marketing your re-opening plan and respecting the fluid process of our current environment, you can most effectively and safely get back to "business as usual!"
Use the template below* provided by the PA Chamber of Business & Industry to begin constructing your own plan. Consider specifically:
Safety & Health Costs
Conducting a Survey**
*The information featured below is an abridged version, click here for the full template.
**A helpful survey example is available in the full template document.

Phase 1

Returning Employees

  1. Establish optional work plans.
    • Work remotely when feasible.
    • Develop alternating schedules/shifts between working in the office and working remotely.
  2. Wash hands frequently. Soap and/or hand sanitizer should be provided.
  3. Disinfect personal workstations at the start and end of the workday

Building Access

  1. Only employees should be allowed in the business. If applicable, limit/control the entry and exit door for employees.
  2. Tape off the section/desk area to your receptionist at six feet or build a barrier.

Meeting Rooms

  1. Meetings should be limited to employees only. Meeting with others should be conducted virtually.
  2. Reduce the standard room capacity for meeting rooms and personal offices.
  3. Disinfected meetings rooms before and after each use.

*Please note the "Red Light" phase is for essential businesses and those who have obtained a special waiver from the governor. Click here for the Business Guide from the Governor.


Phase 2

Returning Employees

  1. Continue with optional work plans.
  2. Wash hands frequently. Soap and/or hand sanitizer should be provided.
  3. Disinfect personal workstations at the start and end of the workday.
  4. Consider special accommodations for employee’s who are members of the vulnerable population.

Building Access

  1. If applicable, limit/control the entry and exit door for employees.
  2. For outside patrons and visitors;
    Require or provide masks
    Provide hand sanitizer as they enter the building

Meeting Rooms

  1. Encourage virtual meetings.
  2. Reduce the standard room capacity for meetings rooms and personal offices.
  3. Disinfected meeting rooms before and after each use.
yellow light

Phase 3

Returning Employees

  1. Resume normal work schedules.
  2. Encourage best practices hygiene.
  3. Disinfect personal workstations at the start of each day.
  4. Vulnerable employees should practice physical distancing and minimizing unnecessary exposure.

Building Access

  1. Continue to provide hand sanitizer to patrons/guest as they enter the building.
  2. Masks may still be required depending on the Governor's direction.

Meeting Rooms

  1. Disinfected meeting rooms before and after each use.

5 Ways to Prepare to Re-Open

  1. Build a Covid-19 Plan
    Take a few moments and write down your plan of action. This plan will later be used in marketing efforts when you are showing you are serious about customer and staff safety. Call it your Covid-19 Safety Plan and review, as necessary. Include a materials needed checklist, new protocols, safety procedures, social distancing and marketing.

  2. Respect Social Distancing
    By now you have been to a store that has placed the stickers on the floor on where to stand; seen the signs that mandate no more than 10 people in an area; noticed that some doors are marked for entry and some are for exit; and even seen plastic shields in front of counters. You should consider similar procedures. Start gathering necessary supplies and signage to accommodate your Covid-19 plan.

  3. Create a Cleaning Schedule
    Consumers will notice if your store is clean, organized and safe to enter. Make sure you are rebuilding your cleaning plan and have all the necessary items needed to do so. Build a new schedule and add it to your daily calendar, making sure staff is fully aware of the new procedures. Build in inspection times and checklists for quality control.

  4. Market Your Covid-19 Plan
    As businesses begin to re-open, consumers will look for those locations who have clearly marketed their Covid-19 safety plan. Big franchises as well as other small businesses who have remained open have executed this very well, and for some it has been a great benefit. When you begin to market that you're open for business, follow it up with your plan and protocols. Consumers will notice and will make sure they are entering a safe environment.

  5. Respect the Process
    This process of re-opening will constantly adjust as our leaders evaluate the current environment. Just as many people who are ready for business to be back to normal, there are others who will remain overly cautious for quite some time. if you cater your plan to the cautious, more consumers will appreciate your procedures. The lack of a Covid-19 safety plan will undoubtedly drive away some consumers. The faster we adhere to safety protocols, the faster we will all get back to "business as usual."

Bring PA Back

Do you have more questions about re-opening your business? Would you like more details about the implications of the red-yellow-green light phases? Click the button below for guidance from the PA Chamber.


Disclaimer: Please remember the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce is not a health official or government official. Our goal is to share information that is accurate and unbiased in a timely manner. Please seek additional information from the linked sources provided.

If you are sick, or feel sick, please contact your healthcare provider and follow their instructions.

For the most updated information, please review the following sources:

CDC details on COVID-19

Representative Rob Kauffman

Representative Paul Schemel

Representative John Joyce

Representative John Hershey

Representative Jesse Topper

Senator Pat Toomey

Senator Judy Ward

Senator Douglas Mastriano

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