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LaunchUX is a digital marketing firm located at the Professional Arts Building in Chambersburg.  LaunchUX has a primary focus on website development and search engine optimization, which is the art of getting a website to rank on the first page of search results within Google and other major search engines. What makes LaunchUX different is their lead generation approach for their clients; most on-going customers see an average increase in traffic of 35% each year.

LaunchUX has a far reach with clients locally and across the country. Company founder Nathan Neil, PMP, attributes this to the work that his team does. “We do for us, what we do for our customers. It generates results that can be measured,” said Neil.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, LaunchUX provided services critical to the medical community to streamline telehealth services. Additionally, businesses who were shut down were able to continue operating through their online presence and eCommerce. 

Reflecting on the last year, Neil said, “It feels awesome to know the work you do is making a difference for someone. The great thing about LaunchUX is that we know our services help small businesses grow, providing jobs and opportunities.”

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