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The Franklin County Historical Society is proud to announce the completion of the restoration of an 1864, 35 star American Flag.

During the burning of Chambersburg, the flag was hanging in front of General Rutherford’s headquarters on the Diamond. David Brand, a local townsman, retrieved it and took it to his home. Later that day when the Confederates threatened to burn the home, David’s sister Louisa wrapped the flag around her body and, brandishing a pistol, dared the soldiers to fire her home. The Confederates backed down and the building was saved from destruction.

The flag was conserved by B.R. Howard Conservation in Carlisle, PA. After treatment, the flag was reinforced with a padded support and pressure mounted in a proper case. It will be on display in the Civil War gallery permanent exhibit at the Old Jail, 175 East King Street, Chambersburg.

The restoration was made possible by a grant from the Palmer Family Foundation Fund, a fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. Franklin County Historical Society members and patrons in the community also contributed to the restoration fund. The Society wishes to extend its gratitude to TFEC and our other supporters.

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