Frequently Asked Questions

(From Heritage Center visitors)

What Native American tribes lived in this area?

Delaware or Lenni Lenape (they were displaced from the east when William Penn and other Europeans arrived)

Tuscaroras (more to the north and west, but this valley was used heavily for hunting, trapping and travel)

Iroquois (the Iroquois League was located in New York primarily, but their sphere of influence extended into Virginia and Ohio and the Great Lakes area as well. The Iroquois were a fierce, dominant confederation composed of 5 individual tribes, 6 tribes in their later history)

How do you pronounce Conococheague?

KAH-no-kah-cheeg The Conococheague Creek is 80 miles long and extends from the Franklin/Adams County line on top of the mountain south to the Potomac River.

What does Conococheague mean?

A long, long way indeed

Where is Benjamin Chambers buried?

Falling Spring Presbyterian Church on North Main Street. His grave is a large white monument enclosed by a brick wall.

What route did A.P. Hill and General Lee take after their historic meeting on the ‘diamond’ in Chambersburg?

They traveled east over what is now Route 30 to the other side of the mountain, through Cashtown and into Gettysburg.

What area of Chambersburg was burned?

The destruction was concentrated in the middle of town, with large buildings, homes and businesses alike being destroyed. The courthouse was burned as well. There were no residents killed during the burning of Chambersburg.

What buildings in Chambersburg were spared?

The Old Jail (this was believed to be a stopping point on the Underground Railroad)

Building that is currently Sellers Funeral Home (this is also where Benjamin Chambers died)

Local churches (they were being used as hospitals at the time)

Masonic Lodge (reputedly a Southern Masonic member asked that the building not put to the torch)

Rev. Kennedy’s house

Building that is currently Gartenberg Jewelry

Where is the nearest Lincoln Highway stone marker?

Chambersburg Post Office, Lincoln Way East and Third Street

Where is the nearest Lincoln Highway painted gas pump?

West of town:

The Ice Cream Station, 108 Lincoln Way West, Chambersburg

Shatzer’s Fruit Market, 2197 Lincoln Way West, Chambersburg

New Oak Forest Restaurant, 9823 Lincoln Way West, St Thomas

Johnnie’s Diner, 709 Lincoln Way, McConnellsburg

East of town:

Dodie’s Drive-In, 2019 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg

The Round Barn, 298 Cashtown Road, Biglerville