The Power of a Chamber Referral

by Troy Garman, Realtor for RE/MAX Realty Agency, Chair of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

15420844_10153940931221556_7939932438917467040_nConsider this situation: A stranger walks up to you and offers you a big, juicy steak with a steaming baked potato and all the fixin’s. You’re going to say no to this person, after all, you don’t know them. Now consider this: The same person walks up to you with the same plate of food, except now he’s with your best friend and your best friend tells you that you need to try this steak! You’re likely going to trust the person your best friend trusts and eat the steak.

That’s the power of a referral.

So why refer a business to join the Chamber?

First of all, you can deepen your relationships with existing customers, vendors and clients. You don’t go around town referring strangers to everyone you meet, because you might make a bad referral and look unreliable. You have to learn about the people and the companies that you refer. It’s the same with the Chamber. You know and trust in the Chamber’s services to members, so you encourage them to join the Chamber and reap the benefits. Connecting people you know to the Chamber will build stronger relationships.

Everyone’s heard the saying, “what goes around comes around.” Another reason to refer potential Chamber members is the good karma. When you begin referring more, people you refer will feel they need to repay you. You do a favor for a company by referring them to join the Chamber and help connect them to a whole new network of people, and they’ll return the favor.

ID-100437796Nothing can increase your business success more than upping your cred. You don’t want to be a company with no influence. You want to be at the top. Having the Chamber on your side is extremely credible, as proven in a national study by the Shapiro Group which found consumers are 49 percent more likely to think favorably of Chamber members businesses and 80 percent more likely to purchase goods or services from that company. By referring people to the Chamber, you’ll start to be viewed as an influencer - a resource to go to.

Above all else, when a small business in the community succeeds, we all succeed. The Chamber provides a variety of programs, services and resources to help businesses prosper. When you refer a business to the Chamber, you’re helping them grow, which in turn supports the growth of our local economy. We all win!

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