How to Be the Change You Want to See: Lessons from Leadership Franklin County

by Rebecca Bowling, Eastern Region Sales Manager, Kegerreis Outdoor Advertising, Leadership Franklin County Class of 2015

LFC2Do you have a business located in Franklin County? Do you work in the area but don’t feel connected to the community? Do you want to serve on a board, become more involved in local government, or simply be more engaged in the community but aren’t sure how to go about it? If any of this is applicable to you, then I encourage you to check out Leadership Franklin County.

I’ve lived and worked in Franklin County for going on a decade, and I learned more about the area I call home in the 9 months I participated in this program than I did in the previous 9 years combined! What did I learn? Where to begin…

Genuine Connections - Building More than Just a Network
Initially, you are introduced to a group of strangers or acquaintances at best. Over the course of the program you will develop REAL relationships with this group of fellow classmates, alumni and volunteers through educational seminars, team building activities and project planning. In addition to recognizing your own leadership strengths through the DiSC assessment, you’ll also learn how to develop strategies for dealing with all personality types that will improve your professional interactions. You’ll leave the program with a strong network of business contacts and new friends, along with a true appreciation for our little slice of America here in Franklin County, PA.

Economic Development – Why is it Important?
Who is the area’s biggest employer? How do companies decide on making this area their base? What kind of companies do we work to attract, and how is this done? You’ll have the opportunity to hear about leading companies from a variety of industries who have made Franklin County their home and how they impact our area.

LFCMake a Difference – Inspiring Action
Do you ever wonder what the real function of a Board of Directors is for a business or non-profit and what they accomplish in meetings? You’ll learn about what being an effective Board member entails and how you can be involved with causes that are important to you; maybe it’s the animal shelter, or abused women, or children’s services. You’ve always wanted to help, but now you will learn how you can make a difference to turn that desire into action.

Get Out in the Community – It’s About Experience!
Have you ever attended a Franklin County Commissioners meeting? Or borough council meeting? You’ll have the opportunity to attend a local government meeting, a non-profit Board meeting, and a School Board meeting to appreciate first-hand exactly how your community is impacted by the decisions of these influencers. And you’ll see how you can make your voice heard!

You’ll also tour the county, meet with local law enforcement members, hear from the local health systems and experience the importance of arts to the community. Everyone knows who Benjamin Franklin is – but now you can learn more about the history of our county and how the past has shaped our present.

Essentially, you’ll receive an in-depth overview of all these different aspects – from government and education to art and history – that together form our rich and diverse community.

18601_10100102792739435_6355873498760873950_nSo, What Does All of this Have to Do with Leadership? EVERYTHING!

If you aren’t connected to your community, how can you be a leader at your organization – an organization which serves as a vital piece of the community’s make-up? If you live and work here, you owe it to yourself and your company to be a part of Franklin County as more than just a spectator or commentator. See how you can make a difference by learning HOW and WHY your community operates. You can then determine what causes or issues are important to you, and how you can be involved on a local level.

Leadership, after all, is about being a positive influencer. Leadership Franklin County provides you with the knowledge and tools to truly be a part of the change you want to see!