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The Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce accepts the responsibility to represent its members as the voice of business. A pro-business climate is critical to the superior quality of life we enjoy in the greater Chambersburg area. It allows us to attract new businesses to our community and expand the ones currently hiring, serving and producing. It allows us to grow. Our goal is to ensure that the business community’s best interests are always represented in the region’s governments.

The Chamber's professional staff and board of directors monitor borough, county, state and federal activities and represent our members on issues and legislation affecting the welfare of businesses and the quality of life in the Chambersburg area. When there is cause to advocate publicly on an issue, our president and representatives from the board of directors meet with decision-makers to ensure the position of the thousands of businesses and employees that we represent are being accounted for.

2017 Public Policy Positions

To view the Chamber's public policy positions, download the 2017 Public Policies Agenda or view a summary below.

Address Local Education and Workforce Development Needs

Workforce development is vital to the community to equip people with necessary skills in a variety of industries while providing local employers with a quality, trained and motivated workforce. Improving and diversifying local educational opportunities will produce a skilled workforce and, in turn, have a positive impact on the economy and greater community.

Opposition of Minimum Wage Increase

While all businesses would feel the impact, small business employers would be especially hit hard: on average they make just $50,000 a year. Businesses with such thin profit margins may not be able to absorb an employee wage hike, regardless whether their employees are full-time or part-time.

Opposition of Proposed Reverse Tax Appeals

The Chambersburg Area School District initiated an effort to reassess the value of commercial properties to increase the property taxes owners must pay. While this may provide financial benefits for the district in the short-term, it will have long-term negative consequences on the district, local businesses and the community. These changes could lead to companies moving to other locations in the region where the taxes are significantly less. 

Widening of Interstate 81

Interstate 81 has grown in its importance as a major north-south economic engine to our region. The explosive increase in truck movements has occurred and will certainly continue to grow as both intermodal and distribution centers come on line. The highway provides access to major markets on the east coast; and while we wait for action congestion grows at a rapid, unsustainable pace.

The Chamber also adopts the public policy positions of the PA Chamber of Business and Industry. View their 2017 Legislative Agenda.

The Chambersburg Chamber's Public Policies Agenda is updated annually to reflect the issues currently facing our community. In addition to specific priorities outlined in the agenda, the board of directors may identify key issues throughout the year that the Chamber will advocate for on behalf of the business community.

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